Emotional Well-Being

How do you find the festive season?
As November creeps to an end and we look towards the festive season I’m pretty sure it’s with a mixture of excitement and dread. All year people struggle with emotions but they are highlighted at this time of year. We put pressure on ourselves to have “The perfect Christmas” with happy smiling faces, big family get togethers, a big tree, crackling open fires, and tables laden with food.
In reality, people may be alone, they may be remembering loved ones that they’ve lost, silence can be terribly noisey when your alone. This year do don’t just look to your family but to others around you who may be struggling.
If you are the one struggling to make the perfect picture Christmas, take a step back. The day will come and the day will go regardless so enjoy what you have and give yourself a break. It really doesn’t matter if the turkey is burnt, sprouts are hard and pudding refuses to light everyone will still enjoy themselves because you are together and that is more important.
Check out your friends, neighbours and family that may be struggling.