Non Surgical Face Lift

Non surgical face lift using electric current.

At Serenity I am trained to do various facial treatments using the Carlton Professional Ultrapro machine, but don’t be put off by the fact that it uses an electrical current because I’m going to explain the different features and what they are used for.

The treatments are conducted using ionized gels that are appropriate for your skin type and in conjunction with both negative and positive polarity. The machine uses 1 milliamp of electricity which is roughly what our bodies naturally produce. During the treatments a client MAY experience a tingling sensation to their top lip or nose where the skin is at its thinnest and a metallic taste regardless as to whether they have fillings or not.

There are many treatments that the machine can do but not all of them are conducted within one facial. During our initial consultation we will put together a plan to ascertain what treatment will be best for your specific needs.

Galvanic deep cleanse.

This treatment can be used on all skin types but is especially effective on oily problem prone skin as it helps in removing the excess sebum from the skin. This is carried out using damp sponges on the skin which are worked in a firm, slow circular motion, allowing the galvanic current to penetrate the skin without irritating it. I conduct this treatment as a second cleanse after the initial cleanse using Soothing Cleanser.

This can also be conducted on other areas of the body EG on the back where dead skin cells can cause spotty rough skinand can be booked as a stand alone treatment with microdermabrasion to leave your back smooth and clear.


This is carried out to assist the introduction of products into the skin and maximize the depth of product penetration. It breaks down dull dead skin and collagen cells that lay dormant in the deepest layers of the skin and raises them to the surface. This is carried out at the end of the facial treatment on both negative and positive polarity to assist in closing and reducing the skin pores.


The reason we have vacuum is to improve the lymphatic and blood circulation, it aids with the removal of the waste products raised during the deep cleanse and excess fluid. The vacuum eliminates impurities, sebum, and make up from the skin, increase circulation and plump out fine lines. As the lymphatic system is stimulated it nourishes the skin and muscles, reduces puffiness and removes the buildup of fatty cells.

This can also be used on other areas where there is a build up of fat cells, EG on thighs and works well as a treatment specifically for cellulite.

High Frequency.

This is probably the most off putting of the treatments due to the noise that the electricity makes as it passes through the glass electrodes. Clients May feel a warming sensation to the skin but nothing more. Oxygenating cream and a damp gauze is applied to the face and glass electrodes are used to massage the face. The glass electrodes are hollow tubes withallow density of air and gas which provides a safe passage for the current to flow through. The high frequency is thendischarged into the skin that has contact with the tube.

This treatment is especially good for acne and problem prone skin as it dries out and heals the pustules, limits the secretion of excess sebum, has a germicidal effect, increases metabolism, and improves the skins texture.


This is the Non surgical face lift as it lifts sagging muscles around the jaw and eye area. Two metal probes are used to grab, slide and glide across the face and neck areas. Each movement is held in place for around 12 seconds, this stimulates the muscles assisting in re programming them. The micro current treatment reduces fine lines, increases circulation and improves the skins colour and texture.

Chromatherapy – LED light therapy.

At Serenity I have both an LED mask which can be used as a standalone treatment for 30 minutes and individual handheld device that can be used as part of a specific facial.

LED therapy is a non-invasive therapy that is used to assist the body in healing itself by using pulses of low level non thermal light to convert light energy into the skin cells. There are 7 colours that are used to treat different conditions, EG the blue light is particularly good for acne or problem skin as it is antibacterial, calms irritated skin and reduces redness.

Diamond Microdermabrasion.

This is a gentle manual exfoliation that is good for use on all skin types, The diamond peel is a process with no pain or recovery downtime unlike chemical peels. Microdermabrasion is removes dry dull skin and relaxes facial fibres, stimulates new cell formation and growth, and increases blood and lymph circulation and rejuvenates aged and damaged skin.