Non surgical Face Lifts

The Carlton Professional ultapro machine uses a light electrical current to enhance the effects of this facial. The electric current used is less than 1 milliamp and reflects the same electric current that our bodies naturally produce. During some of the treatments you MIGHT feel a slight tingling sensation especially to sensitive areas like the nose and top lip. This is perfectly normal but if you don’t like it the current can be reduced. Some clients might also get a metallic taste in their mouth especially those with lots of fillings. Again, this is nothing to worry about.
The products used throughout these treatments are ionised gels appropriate for the type of skin that the client has and are used in conjunction with negative and positive polarity.
Not all the below treatments will be used during one facial, in your first consultation I will take a close look at your skin under a magnifying mirror and we will discuss what you want to achieve from your treatments and make a plan to work to.
Each treatment is £45 the first appointment being an hour and a half and thereafter it will be one hour.
It is recommended that in order to load up the skin and stimulate it 2 treatments are completed a week for the first 4 weeks, reducing to one treatment a fortnight (6 treatments). Thereafter a monthly maintenance facial should help keep everything going. The treatments can be increased again for special events IE weddings, holidays etc as an extra boost.
When the first 6 treatments are booked in advance you will receive one for free. 6 treatments booked and paid for £225.
Galvanic Decrustation Deep Cleanse
This treatment can be used on all but the most sensitive of skins but is especially effective on oily or problem prone skin as it promotes the removal of sebum from the skin. Decrustation is done for a maximum of 7 minutes in a slow but firm movement allowing the galvanic current to penetrate and work without irritating the skin.
An excellent exfoliation treatment especially for rough dry skin or superficial acne scarring. This treatment removes the top most layer of dead skin cells along with the fine vellous hair that often holds dirt and oil.
Dermaplaning will encourage the regeneration of new skin cells and will also allow products to penetrate the skin better and make – up to be applied evenly giving you a smooth silhouette.
Please note that after Dermaplaning it is important that you use a good 35+ SPF with your moisturiser.
This treatment helps the introduction of suitable products into the skin and maximises the depth of product penetration. It also breaks down dull and dead skin and collagen cells that lay dormant in the deepest layer of the skin and helps raise them to the top. Two metal rollers are used over the face in and upwards and sideways movement and is carried out at the end of the electrical facial using both positive and negative polarity thus closing and reducing the skin pores.
Diamond Microdermabrasion
This treatment can be used on all skin types as it is the gentlest of exfoliations. The diamond peel is a mechanical peeling process with no pain or recovery time unlike other laser or chemical peels. This is especially effective on lines, scarring and pigmentation and removes dull dry skin and relaxes the facial fibres, stimulates deeper tissues within the skins layers, stimulates new cell formation and growth, increases blood and lymph circulation and rejuvenates aged and damaged skin.
The purpose of this treatment is to improve the lymph and blood circulatory systems. It aides the removal of waste products and excess fluid and can break down hard fat. The Vacuum can be used on the body as well as the face to help in the retention of bodily fluid in areas such as thighs, stomach, upper arms or buttocks. It can also be used over a localised area and pulsated to loosen and help in the removal of blackheads. The specific uses of the vacuum are a cleansing action to eliminate impurities, sebum and make up from the skin, increase circulation plump out fine lines, the metabolism is stimulated, the lymphatic flow is increased thus nourishing the skin and muscles, reduces puffiness and assists the removal of fatty cells especially when used in conjunction with a diet. This is carried out of the face and neck for between 5 – 12 minutes.
High Frequency
Direct high frequency treatments use glass electrodes to massage the face, Oxygenating cream or gel is applied to the area and the face covered in a thin gauze. The massage is then conducted on top of the gauze. The glass electrodes are hollow tubes with a low density of air and inert gas within that provides a passage along which a current flows and high frequency energy is discharged into the skin having contact with the tube. This is especially good for acne prone skin as it dries and heals pustules, limits sebaceous secretions, gives a germicidal effect, increases metabolism and improves the skin texture.
Indirect High Frequency
A glass electrode is placed into the wand of the machine and given to the client to hold with both hands. The therapist then places her hands onto the clients head and the current is increased, a full facial massage is then carried out of the face and neck. This is e4specially good for improving the skins moisture balance, stimulating tissues, increasing blood and lymphatic circulation.
Especially good for lifting sagging muscles to the jaw, face and neck. The microcurrent is passed through two metal progs which in turn are used to slide, grab and glide across the face muscles reprogramming them. The routine is carried out with each movement being held in situ for approximately 10 – 12 seconds. The whole routine reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases circulation and improves the skins texture and colour, it can also improve the condition of scar tissue.
Chromatherapy (LED light therapy)
This is a non-invasive therapy used to encourage the body to heal itself by using pulses of low level non thermal light to convert light energy within the skin cells. Different coloured lights are used to treat different conditions, for example the blue light is particularly good calming irritated skin, reducing redness and swelling while the yellow light is anti-aging, toning and promotes the production of new collagen within the skin.