Coronavirus/Covid 19

New Policy
As a result of COVID 19 it has been essential that I update you with my new policy regarding any possible future reopening.
I understand your concerns about returning for your regular treatments but rest assured that throughout lockdown I have been actively preparing my business for a safe return for us all. I have kept myself up to date with the current procedures and completed courses in the use of PPE and cleaning.
You will notice some important changes that have been made to Serenity and to the entrance of the building. Please arrive at your appointment 5 minutes before the allotted time, I will be staggering appointments so there should not be anyone with me. If you do turn up early and the door is closed, please do not stay in the corridor but wait outside the building.

Please come for your appointment on your own and do not bring anyone else with you.
As you enter the inner door you will see a notice requesting that you use the downstairs bathroom to wash your hands using the hand wash supplied before coming up the stairs.
As you get to Serenity there will be a hand sanitizer for you to use, where possible I will keep the door open for you so you will not need to touch the handle.
Once inside I will shut the door, there will be no hugging or contact between us but there will always be a very warm welcome.

There is now only one chair at the table for you to sit on and this would have been cleaned down using the appropriate solution before your arrival and between clients. I will stand away from you or sit on the settee if we are doing a full consultation.
If you bring a handbag with you, please place it into the clear box next to the table and not on the floor.

If you need your mobile phone for re booking or paying, please place it straight into the clear plastic bag provided and leave it in there for the duration of your treatment. Please do not place phones, keys or purses on the table.
Any coats or cardigans that you have are to be placed with your handbag in the clear box.
I will be wearing the appropriate PPE which will include a disposable apron, latex free gloves, face mask and face shield. These will all be single use and will be disposed of after you have left.

I have re written my consent forms and you will now be required to complete a new one which I will hand to you, followed by continuation ones thereafter. The new forms have specific questions relating to COVID 19, travel, ailments and quarantine.
This form is to be signed by both of us as it also has my declaration to you and it is then placed into a plastic cover.

Once ready for the treatment you will see me dress the bed with freshly laundered towels.
Between treatments the bed, chair, stool and all surfaces will be completely cleaned down using appropriate antibacterial spray, if you would like to see me do this again please just say.
All non-disposable items will be sterilized and placed within the UV unit after every use, they will be taken out and placed onto a sterile tray for use.
Once your treatment is completed you will see me strip the bed and place the towels into a laundry basket with plastic bag inside and a lid.
You will notice that there will no longer be any magazines on the couch, and I request that you do not touch any of the retail products.
If you want to purchase anything, please ask me and I will get it and place it in a bag for you to take away.
There will no longer be business cards on the table, although I will still have them. If you want to know about other therapists or businesses that I support please ask me.
I have invested in a cold-water dispenser with disposable cups, and I ask that after your treatment you help yourself to as much water as you want using the disposable cups provided. These can then be placed into the bin.
The card machine will be cleaned down before being handed to you unless you are able to pay contactless, and it will be cleaned down again afterwards. Please try to use card or contactless where possible, although if necessary I will still accept cash.
If you are having a manicure you will notice that there is now a Perspex screen between us that you can put your hands through.
For some treatments I will ask you to also wear the PPE face masks and gloves, but if you would rather use them anyway please ask.
Unfortunately, as a result of COVID19 and the measures that have had to be put in place I have had to increase my treatment prices by £2.00. This is to cover the PPE equipment and other items that I am now having to purchase.
If you want to take your face mask away with you to carry on using while in town you can along with any nail files that are used on your hands.
Thank-you for taking the time to read this and I hope you understand that these measures are brought into place for both of our safety and that of our families.
I look forward to seeing you all again and I promise, that, although different you will still get the enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere that you have always enjoyed at Serenity.
Kind Regards,
Serenity Wellness and Beauty.