Our Privacy Policy

As customers of Serenity Wellness and Beauty I hold some information about you, namely your name, address, telephone number and medical details. This document will set out everything that you need to know about how I hold and use your information. Should you have any further questions after reading this please feel free to ask me.
Important note:-
I do not hold any financial information relating to you, and all sensitive financial information is held securely by the processing companies used via Sumup or BACS and they will never share this information with me or anyone else.
How I collect Information
Information is given at source in person prior to your treatment, this is carried out in confidence and is only enough information for me to be able to make contact with you if necessary and to enable me to carry out a full consultation and subsequent treatment. Your information is written onto your card and this is always kept in a secure locked cabinet. Your information will be kept by Serenity Wellness and Beauty for a total of 7 years unless you are under 18yrs in which case it will be kept until you turn 25years.
Who has access to your information
No-one else has access to your information and I will never pass any information relating to you on to a third party.
Your rights
You are entitled to ask me at any time for a copy of the notes that I hold relating to you. I am obliged to give you copies of the notes free of charge. You have the right to request I delete or destroy some or all the information that I hold on you.