Tibby Oliver Shrinking Violet Body Wrap.

Shrinking Violet Body Wraps can be found on the menu of many famous spas around the world including The Sha Wellness Clinic, Champneys, Resense Spas and Kempinski Spas worldwide.
Unlike many wraps available at salons, the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a clinically proven, mess free wrap that slims, tones, detoxes, combats cellulite, reduces stretch marks and firms the skin all in the first treatment.
Combining biotechnology with a complex blend of natural ingredients including phosphatidylcholine and essential oils stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite can be reduced by up to 25% per application.
This is a two-hour appointment and includes a facial during your wrap time, the first and second wraps are completed within the first week and the third onwards are one a week. The products continue to work for three days after the wrap is completed.
Shrinking Violet Body Wraps work best when booked as a course of 6 (the 6th being free) and topped up for special occasions.