Quote For Monday

Good morning lovely people, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

A quote for Monday.

Have you ever really wanted to go for something but have been held back because you’ve convinced yourself it won’t work or you can’t do it?

I have, many times.

It’s important to know and understand our abilities but it’s also important to have our dreams, however one can easily counteract the other.
If you have dreams that you’d love to put into place look at them and work out where to start with fulfilling them. As you work through them you will see any possible pit falls but also how to over come them.
As much as it’s important to have your dreams it’s also important to know when that dream may not be totally fulfilled, maybe it needs adjusting to suit your situation? It’s important to accept that your perfect dream may not be exactly as you want but do what you can and don’t be put off by the fear of the unknown or the “what if’s”
Only you can make your dreams come true so don’t walk away at the first sign of problems, work round them, through them or understand that maybe that part of your dream may need to be changed.

When your head is full of fears keep dreaming.

Have a good week ahead and dream big.
Happy Monday xx

Happy Sunday and a very happy VE Day, 77th anniversary.

Quote for Monday: Are you an Optimist?

Since starting Serenity I’ve had many many times where I’ve gone backwards before moving forwards again. With the COVID pandemic I’ve had to start over and over again.
It’s hard, it’s frustrating and at times sole destroying but with each Knock back I’ve learned a lesson.

We have all had times where it feels like we are treading water and getting no where, it’s easy to ask yourself is this really worth it ? 🤷‍♀️

When things go into reverse, take a look at what happened to turn the tide, was it something you did or said? Or was it something out of your control? What ever the reason it’s good to acknowledge why and how your luck changed, and put it down to experience.

It may be that the time is right to change your path or your vocation altogether, it could be fate trying to tell you something.

For what ever reason, a step backwards is a chance to stop, breath, redirect, prepare and take another step forward. It’s not the end of the world.

But even if you decide that the step backwards on this occasion is a step too far, and if you do change your path or vocation, the next step you take, even in a different direction, is a step in the right direction.

Knock backs are hard, there is no denying that, but don’t let them define you, don’t let them destroy you, it’s important to acknowledge them and why they happened because then you will be stronger and wiser when the next one happens.

It’s a glorious day, have a glorious week ahead in whatever direction you choose. Happy Monday xx

Good Sunday morning to you, what a contrast to yesterday, after the beautiful summers day we had and then today of continual rain. Oh to be British 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Anyway my quote for Monday and the week ahead relates to something that I’m sure we are all guilty of .

No matter what we are doing, we are constantly thinking. Unaware that we are doing it, we plan ahead, relive the past and quite often blow things out of proportion.
When things in life don’t go to plan, it is easy to look at it in a negative way, “why me” “ nothing is ever easy for me” “ why do things always go wrong” .
In these times we turn in on ourselves, tell ourselves that nothing good ever happens to us, and we can get lost in the darkness of those thoughts.
The fact is, life is not set in stone, if everything fell into place and we got what we wanted we would have nothing to work towards.
Things happen to us, they test us and our ability to change and read apt and keep going no matter what, and it’s during these times that we need to work harder at keeping our own thoughts positive .
Have you ever been bitterly disappointed when something didn’t work out, only to find something better came from it? If you had wasted your time and energy thinking about how things didn’t go well you could easily miss something better that is actually right in front of you.
Don’t let your thoughts effect your plans and dreams, if one plan doesn’t work – find another and another, ultimately if you can’t find a way through, maybe that dream or plan isn’t right for you. Think of it as a sign that it’s not quite the right time for you and there may be a better way of doing the same thing.
Don’t waste time telling yourself “why me” because that will lead you into a downwards spiral of self pity and self loathing, look around you at what you have and all of the things that have worked out and gone to plan for you. Only you can control your thoughts don’t let them control you.

Have a wonderful Bank holiday, and week ahead, keep planning and dreaming and stay in control.
Happy Monday xxx
Good morning beautiful people what are you up to today ? Something nice for yourself I hope.

My quote for Monday is all about self appreciation.

I haven’t called it “Self love” ❤️ because there are a lot of people that believe that self love = selfishness and it’s really not.

We spend at least half of our lives being dependant on our parents, learning from them and following their lead. But the time comes when we become the adult or the parent and we naturally start the learning process for a younger generation.
Then the tide turns again, when they are less dependant on you, become adults themselves and start a life of their own.

It is generally this time that we should start to give something back to ourselves, a new hobby, holidays, downsizing the house to free up capital. Whatever it is, it is a new chapter and something that some people struggle with.
We give so much of ourselves to others that it feels “selfish” to turn our attention around to us.
Everyday we need to give ourselves some time to do whatever pleases us, we need to stop putting others before our own happiness. That’s not to say we cut off from friends and family, but maybe just cut back a bit and start putting ourselves first.
We can start small by giving ourselves an afternoon or a day to do something that pleases us and as those around us become less dependant the more time we can allow ourselves.
When we can give as much ( if not more) to ourselves as we do to others we can start to really live the life we were put on this earth to have and we certainly shouldn’t feel guilty about it.
It is natural progression, so embrace it, and enjoy it, because now it’s our turn and our life!

Have a happy Monday and start planning your life without guilt. Xxx

Happy Sunny Easter 🐣 Sunday, what’s your plan for the long weekend?
I’m planning on a bit of gardening, and a lot of relaxing 😎.

So here is my quote for Bank holiday Monday .

I’ve had a conversation this week, with a friend, about how others perceive us and how we perceive others,
I saw this quote and it seemed to sum it all up for me.

We are probably all guilty of looking at the lives that others around us have and thinking “if only”.
If only I had more money 💰
If only I had a bigger house 🏠
If only I had a partner / husband
If only I lost weight I’d be happy
If only my life was as easy as theirs

The truth is, we don’t know what it took for them to have their life, what sacrifices were made, what hardships were overcome,
or even – is what we see is the truth?
A flash car, a big house, wonderful holidays, a perfect lifestyle can all hide a multiple of things

The question 🙋‍♀️ you need to ask yourself is, “ is the grass really greener or is it artificial, for show?”

If we lived another persons life, would we really be happy or would it soon wear off? Would we want to go back to what we know and where we are comfortable.
The truth is, If we truly want something in our lives then we will get it, it may take time and a lot of effort but we can get / have what we want.
Our dreams can become our reality if we work for them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be employed / hard work, mental ( planning) all contributes towards building what we want.
Acknowledge your dreams and desires, nurture them, feed them, sort out the problems and keep going. Just like a lawn they will grow, healthy and become exactly what we want.
The grass isn’t always greener – sometimes it’s artificial!
Enjoy what you currently have and work towards what you ultimately want, nothing is handed to us for free, there will always be another side that comes with it.

Have a wonderful Bank holiday Monday peeps, keep going. Xxx
I hope you have had an enjoyable Sunday, my quote for Monday is late as I’ve just not had time to sit and write it until now.
Quote for Monday…

We all have dreams for our lives, our family, our homes or our career, I certainly have dreams for Serenity !
Everyday that we are working, we are moving closer to fulfilling our dreams and making them a reality.
We may not have reached our final dream yet but by moving forwards we are already in it and living it.
By planning or thinking about our dreams we are bringing them closer to our life.
Never stop dreaming, it’s what keeps us going, and it’s something to aim for. A dream can be for anything, big or small. In our lifetime our dreams constantly change and grow, we reach some dreams every day and, like stepping stones, they lead us towards our bigger ones.
Dreams can come and go or fade away at times and when they do don’t give up on them, keep them alive and work towards bringing them to fruition.
Have a great week ahead and start living your dreams!
Good beautiful, but frosty, Sunday morning to you all . I hope you are enjoying your weekend, my girls are both home and today we are off on a Spa day to Bishopstrow Hotel and I’m so looking forward to being pampered.
My quote for Monday.
Our day can change from good to bad in a blink of an eye, but it’s only ever the bad things that seem to stay in our mind. Out of a whole 24 hour period there are so many good things happening around us that are ignored, pushed aside or not even noticed.
Good things aren’t always physical, material or visual it can be silence to just sit and reflect or plan ahead, it can be bird song at the start of summer, a phone call from someone you’ve not seen in an age, a hug from a loved one, a smile from a baby, or just time for you.
These things are all fleeting, they are a mere second in our day, but they will all lift your spirits, fill your soil and regenerate your will to persevere.
It’s important that we acknowledge these simple moments in our day and appreciate them, take time to find these fleeting moments, and don’t dwell on the other, because that will pass just as quick. By dwelling on the negative you feed it and it will taint the rest, of what could be, a beautiful day.
Live in the moment and enjoy it.
Have a wonderful week ahead, find the moments in every day and have a happy Monday. Xxx

It’s Sunny, it’s the first day of summer and it’s Mothers day so I’ve got an easy quote for Monday, to keep the mood light and happy.

Each and every one of us is beautiful in our own right. Beauty doesn’t lie within a perfect body, perfect skin or amazing hair, beauty isn’t what we see in the mirror or shop window as we pass by.
Beauty can’t be bought, or copied, beauty is within us, it’s how we act, how we treat others, and how we feel about our true self.
Find what drives you forward each day, embrace it, get to know the real person within you. When you have met your inner being and understand and appreciate them you become beautiful inside and out. You will glow with a natural beauty that will radiate into everything you are and everything you do. People will see the natural “you” not the false persona of what you think it is or should be.
Beauty is looking for the good in every situation and person.
You are all beautiful.
Have a great week ahead and accept everything that you are .
Happy Monday. Xxx

Good morning Sunday, blue skies and birdsong what a beautiful way to start my favourite day.
My quote for Monday, really resonated with me as it’s so simple but so true.
Whatever our past has dealt us we’ve all got a little bit of broken within us. Sometimes it rears it’s head and brings about feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, and doubt. It can transport us back to a darker place that we’ve worked so hard to leave behind. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for this, just a trigger m, that sets off a reaction of negative feelings.
Everybody has them, no one is infallible to self doubt and negative feelings, but it’s how we deal with them that matters.
When I feel this way I find it helps to acknowledge these emotions, and what triggered them, but don’t dwell on them. They have served a purpose, all be it not a good one, but maybe it’s a reminder not to go down the same path twice. Maybe it’s a gentle reminder or lesson that we need to learn from.
But however you feel remember that you are still the same person, you are still able to carry on and succeed in all that you do.
You may feel different when these emotions rise up but you are still the strong, capable, loveable , generous, beautiful, thoughtful, kind person that you’ve always been. Don’t let doubts creep in and undermine the wonderful person that you are.
If we were crayons, we could melt to a sticky mess, but we could still colour – that doesn’t change.
Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and continue to make your world colourful.
Happy Monday xxx

Oh Sunday, Sunday, my favourite day of the week and time for a quote for Monday .
Caught up in a busy life, going from pillar to post, sometimes we forget to see what’s right in-front of us.
At one point in our past we dreamed of having exactly what we have now, it was what we were working towards whether it be a house, a partner, a family, to learn to drive, or to have a certain car, job or career.
Bit by bit over the years we worked hard , we over came obstacles and hardships to get where we are now. We may not have reached our final destination but take a look at where you are now, enjoy what you have, and be grateful for it. This was once your dream and you have made it.
When you stop and look back at your journey you will be amazed at how far you’ve come without realising it.
It doesn’t mean that you stop dreaming of the next stage, it means you can change or tweek your dreams in order to move ahead. Our life is a set of chapters, each one with its own beginning, middle and end and full of adventures of all kinds. Your next chapter is ahead of you but don’t ignore the one you’re currently in, because this was once your dream, so enjoy it and let the rest play out and happen naturally. It’s easy to remember our hardships and forget to appreciate our achievements.
Have a wonderful new week ahead and take time to be grateful for where you are and what you are doing..
Happy Monday!

Good morning to you all, I hope you’re fit, well and enjoying your Sunday in whatever you are doing.
At the moment we are seeing so much pain and suffering at the hands of one person, we can all do our bit to help but we, as individuals, can’t stop what is happening and that can be hard to comprehend and accept.
My quote for Monday is for everyone of us, I believe we can all relate to it in one way or another, either in previous years or now, but it’s specifically for the unsung hero’s and innocent victims of the Ukraine.
At some point in our lives we will all suffer heart ache, pain, sorrow, loss and the feeling of helplessness at a situation beyond our control. When times get tough we can’t run from it or hide from it, cowering away will not solve it, the only way forward is to go through it.
Until we face our fears we do not know what we are capable of, I’m not saying it will be fun or easy, but sometimes we have no choice but to look directly at what is going on around us and use that fear and pain to keep going.
To face the demon in front of you is to fill your heart and soul with determination to succeed, to rise up and gain strength and knowledge. When the days are long and hard, remember this, it will end, and your story will inspire others. You are supported with our thoughts, love, and prayers in the hope that they carry you all forward to a brighter, stronger and safer future.
So for everyone suffering pain at this time, when you feel weak, find strength, when you are filled with fear, find courage and when you feel that you can’t go on, find determination.
What ever the week holds for you, face it and you will make it. Have a good week. Xxx

A very good Sunday morning to you all.
This week we enter not just a new week, but a new month, one which brings us Mothers day, Spring, and new beginnings. New buds are showing in the gardens and new life being born on our farms. This time of year has always been a positive one, with longer days ahead of us and the thought of summer, Pimms and BBQ’s.
Who knows what this summer will bring us ?
So my quote for Monday and the week ahead is this:-
It’s been hard over the last few days to feel content or happy with our lives when we see so much death and destruction elsewhere in the world. We all know that in the coming months things will change for us, whether it be our personal circumstances, our financial security, or our physical or mental health.
There is nothing we can do to stop the inevitable, it is out of our control, so we will face it each day and keep moving on. That doesn’t mean things won’t get hard, I’m sure they will, but by keeping positive, being kind to those around us who may be struggling a bit more and by understanding that it’s not personal to you or your family, you will get through it. We are all in it together, all have the same worries, and concerns but don’t let those things change your view or your perception of your life. We’ve all worked hard for what we have, we may need to work a bit harder in the coming months, but look ahead, plan ahead, stay focused on what you want and don’t let the actions of others change how you feel. Keep a positive mindset, even when at your lowest, and it will guide you through the hard times.
My positive mantra when things are hard is to understand and remind myself that there are others in the world who have life a million times harder than I do right now , and who are battling to survive.
What we have in our lives may not be our dream, home, job or lifestyle but for others, what we have would be a dream come true. It’s easy to complain when things seem to be continuously going wrong but in the grand scheme of things we need to accept and appreciate everything we have.
My heart, thoughts, and prayers, go to the Ukrainian people who, through no fault of their own, are having their lives ripped away from them.
We can only hope that this is short lived and they prevail. God bless. Ukraine ??

What a horrible wet weekend, time to stay indoors and switch off.
February has been causing me grief with one thing or another so my quote for Monday is something that I tell myself when things just don’t go to plan.

“ when things don’t go to plan, and life is getting you down, look up! “
When we are feeling low, we tend to look down, we don’t make eye contact because we don’t want to make conversation.
Everything below our waist is in shadow, it’s dark and generally dirty, scruffy, untidy and in days like today wet and muddy. All of those things feed our own darkness, they will keep you feeling low.
When you feel this way, look up, even on a rainy day the sky is light, clouds pass to reveal lighter skies ( and sometimes even sunshine). You will notice green trees, birds and other people. Even people you don’t know can lift your spirits with a “hello” .
If you notice your surroundings by keeping your eyes up your spirits will automatically lift too, the brightness will prevail from a simple lift if your chin v
It works, repeat it and do it to bring yourself back to the reality where you can improve your mood and your spirits.
Take care, breath deep and look up.
Have a wonderful week and Happy Monday xxx

Happy Sunday morning to you all and what a wet and blustery one it is too.
It’s lovely to be back at work seeing you all again and I’ve already had some new clients join us which is fab.
My quote for you all for this coming week ahead is this ….

There are times in our lives when we feel unable to move forward or look ahead, for whatever reason the confidence we once had in ourselves drops, and it would be easy to shy away back into the shadows. At times like this we may look at others and think “ I wish I was like that” “ I wish I could be that confident” . However we don’t know each others stories or what is driving them on, that persons confidence may fluctuate too.
We all have the ability, and, we all have the strength within us to succeed in whatever we want, but in some people it’s more naturally obvious. Remember, there’s is a thin line between carrying your confidence outwardly and confidently and being arrogant with it – no body likes that.
However you feel remember we all have it inside us to be or do whatever we want, you don’t need everyone to see it if that makes you anxious, you can be just as strong holding it quietly within you. Just remember it’s always there, burning in you as it is in everyone else, you have the ability and the knowledge to succeed so don’t let big brash confidences overwhelm you – keep going, doing your best in the way that suits you and you will succeed.
Have a wonderful safe week ahead and a very happy Monday. Xx


Good Sunday morning everyone, I’m still here.
My quote for Monday is a short poem but I believe whoever reads it will be able to relate to it in one way or another.
Every day is a new day, we never know what is in store for us and have no control as to how the day pans out. Sometimes we don’t know we’ve had good days until we have bad ones, so for that alone, I say enjoy everyday as best as you can and find the good in it. Some days the good is obvious, other days it’s not obvious at all but rest assured there will be some good in each day.
A smile or a kind word goes a long way on the days when the ‘good’ is hard to find so always try to be positive in your attitude to others because that one word or smile might just be the ‘good’ that they need that day.
To rest your mind, body and Soul is the way to seeing things clearer, and sometimes by just giving yourself that break, to put things into perspective, can change your day from being potentially not great, to becoming ok or even quite good.
Things are always better when seen through a clear mindset. Take time to look for your blessings every day because there will be at least one there.
Have a wonderful week ahead, I’m hoping I can reopen this week, ?. Have a very Happy Monday and take care xx

Good morning, and what a beautiful one it is.
My quote for Monday is more of a question really. What do you consider to be success and how do you know when you’ve found it?
I suppose success is ongoing, and forms many different stages. Success could be learning a new trade, a new skill, or a new hobby, but that doesn’t make it successful until you progress and put it to practice and take it further.
We have success in our lives everyday, but we don’t notice it, and don’t appreciate it, but when something we want doesn’t happen we consider it a failure.
The most important thing to remember is that if you try something new and it doesn’t work out, it’s not a failure ! You haven’t failed, you have tried and decided that it’s not for you. That is a big decision to make and if that’s how you feel then it’s the right decision.
The fact is you have tried it, and you have learnt from it. Don’t put yourself down, life is one big learning curve whether it be work, career, hobbies or even friendships and relationships – just because they haven’t worked for you doesn’t mean you have failed – you have just learnt a little bit more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses that’s all.
I have tried different things with Serenity, I trained, I passed exams, I bought equipment and I started doing them. Only at that point did I realise that those treatments weren’t for me, the more I did the more positive I became that I didn’t want to do them. So I made the decision to stop advertising, and to sell the equipment. That doesn’t mean I’ve failed, I still have the skills and the qualifications- I’ve just decided not to use them.
That is how we need to look at our lives, with positivity not negativity. With every lesson, we learn and when we learn we grow, it’s a continuous cycle so don’t waste time putting yourself down or worrying about things you can’t do – learn from it and move on.
Have a wonderful week ahead. Happy Monday!

Good chilly Sunday morning to you all. My quote for Monday is short and sweet but so true.
We start the new year with good intentions, to improve our lives in one way or another but as we fall back onto our usual hamster wheel of life our intentions often drop by the way side.
It really doesn’t matter how many times we start on our new regime, it doesn’t have to be just on 1st January. The most important thing is that you recognise the reason for making a change to your life, whether it be to increase fitness, eat healthier, improve your skin care routine, or improve your work life balance the fact that you recognise the need for change is a start.
We are not going to change things overnight and it all takes time, so kept going, if it doesn’t work one day, for whatever reason, start again the next. Eventually your normal routine will change and the adjustment to your life will happen as long as you don’t give up because it didn’t work at the first attempt.
We are in charge of our own life so don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself, by thinking you have failed at something because it didn’t work first time, you can’t fail if you are still trying so re start and keep going.

Have a happy healthy week ahead. Happy Monday.


Good Sunday morning, my favourite day of the week, I hope it finds you all well.
My quote for Monday is a reminder to us all that we are worthy of rest and self care.
Covid19 has brought about many changes in our lives, one of the biggest has been being told to work from home where possible. This has come easy for some but for others it has been a big intrusion into their private space.
When you are working from home it’s even more important to take regular breaks, just as you would in the office, for coffee, a smoke or just when a colleague stops by your desk for a catch up. These regular breaks that happen naturally in a work place are important to your mental health and well being and are something that doesn’t happen when you are at home, so don’t feel guilty for having them when you are at home.
Remind yourself that time away from a screen is beneficial because that break gives your mind and brain a chance to switch off for a minute and you will return to your work with a clearer mindset. You are entitled to breaks during your working day so make sure you use them, quite often you will find you are actually working longer hours than you would in the office because you log on when you get up, check emails before your working day starts or when it has finished, you may find you stay on to finish a report or a piece of work but if you saved it and went back to it the next day you will see it with new eyes and working vigour. You will probably re read it and make changes to paragraphs or spellings and ultimately it will read better. Don’t make your day fit your work because you will burn out – your work must fit your working day and not intrude into your private family time.
Where possible see if you can fit in a walk, a swim or an online class in your lunch break, your body and your mind will definitely benefit from it and your work will improve for it because ultimately when your mind and body are rested they work more proficiently. Don’t feel guilty for taking your breaks because you are entitled to them, set reminders on your phone or computer to get up and move away for 10 minutes.
I always ensure that I have time between clients for a break because then I know my last treatment will be a fresh and as good as my first, it’s important for my health to rest and I make sure that I do because I understand and acknowledge my abilities , I know if I didn’t take a short rest regularly I would burn out and my work would suffer – it’s just the same for you too. Look after your own well being, regular breaks in your day and ensure your employers supply you with the right equipment that you are set up ergonomically correct – but that’s a whole different post!
Look after yourself and have a good week, Happy Monday.

Good Sunny Sunday morning to you all and I hope this day finds you well!
Isn’t it amazing how a break in the constant rain we’ve had can lift your spirits.
My quote for Monday:
Acceptance is often something that we afford to others but not to ourselves, and there is a very thin line between accepting a behaviour and making excuses for it.
If we were to look back at ourselves we would notice the things that make up who we are both good and bad, we need to accept that we may not be all that we think we are. We all have flaws, and issues, because nobody is perfect.
We accept things in those around us all of the time EG someone who may be lazy, “ because that’s just them”, someone who may be loud and crude more than you would like “ but that’s just them “ a partner with negative or abusive behaviour “. Because that’s how they are”. These are not acceptance these are excuses and by accepting them you are allowing that person to continue in that vein.
First of all you need to acknowledge the difference between acceptance and excuses. I would say an acceptance would be along the lines of someone that is always late, you can accept that because you can work with it. But for that person, are they using it as an excuse ? It is something they can acknowledge as a flaw and try to adapt.
To accept negative or violent behaviour is giving permission for it to continue which is totally unacceptable. Here, you need to accept that you CAN leave and walk away from it, accept that it is not your problem it is theirs. To say that it’s just their nature is an excuse. Once you can see the difference you can start to deal with it.
Take a look at yourself as others see you and decide what are excuses, when you find them make a decision to try and change or adapt that behaviour (some people may say it’s a New Year resolution) I say “don’t wait for the new year”.
The one and most important thing that we can accept is that we are not perfect, and we can all change (or adapt), and when you understand that stop making excuses and start taking a step forward in improving yourself, your environment and those around you.
Have a happy Monday and a good first full week of 2022.

Good morning to you all and a very happy healthy New Year. Welcome to the first Quote for Monday of 2022!
With the crazy season over it is now time to sit back and reevaluate things. It’s time of a fresh start, a new beginning but don’t make unachievable New Year Resolutions as that would be setting yourself up to fail. We all want to improve something so take look at where you are now and how you can improve those areas.
Nothing happens over night, and a knee jerk reaction is just that – short and sharpe but doesn’t last.
Decide What it is that you want to improve, the usual areas could be your health, diet, fitness, finances, the house, your job, promotion, change of career the list could go on.
Don’t be impulsive and set yourself unachievable goals because if you don’t reach them you will feel that you have failed which then in turn destroys all the good that you may have started and counteracts what you are trying to achieve.
Try applying “SMART” to any improvement that you want to make :-
Specific – find a specific area of your life to improve.
Measurable – make it small goals to reach regularly .
Achievable – don’t set yourself up to fail.
Reachable – know your limits, set them accordingly
Timely – set a time limit to achieve your goal sensibly and don’t force or rush it.
SMART can be applied to anything that you want to improve and by using this you can keep track of where you are with your goal. It’s not all or nothing, bust or boom like we’ve all done before, goodness knows diet clubs and gyms see a massive rise in uptake from January ( not a bad thing) only to see clients disappear by March because what they were trying to do wasn’t achievable with their lifestyle.
Remember your life needs to be able to sustain this new goal whether it be mentally, physically or financially and if you use SMART it can be done and maintained.
The most important thing to remember is not to set yourself up to fail, not to add more pressure to an already busy life, not to cause you more stress and aggravation. It’s about finding the balance to improve yourself or your life in a way that causes least disruption and if it doesn’t go fully to plan reassess the SMART plan and adjust accordingly.
It’s so important to remind yourself that you can reach whatever it is that you want from this year as long as you do it properly – change little and often is far better than all or nothing because it is sustainable.
Go for your goals in 2022 and make them enjoyable, happy first Monday of 2022!

My quote for Monday is quite simple, always overlooked and very true.
Every day we focus on the negative, the one issue in a mountain of good ones, but that’s the one we focus on the most. To anyone that has ever dieted you will understand that when you step in the scales and it says you lost 1/2lb or stayed the same you are annoyed, disappointed and it can ruin your day.
But instead of feeling down look at it as a positive, you still did well, you still lost weight, and you’re still heading in the right direction. This analogy can be used for many other situations that happen to us.
Our lives aren’t perfect, we all have struggles but that is exactly what they are .. struggles, they are not all permanent issues so don’t turn them into that.
Keep your mind set positive and when something doesn’t go as planned don’t panic because everything else did go to plan. There are more positives in your day than negatives sometimes they are just quietly sitting in the background, but they are there.
Have a wonderful Christmas week and stay safe. Happy Monday xxx
I feel this is true of where we are at the moment in the world so my quote for Monday is this:
We find ourselves once again in uncertain times, unsure of how our Christmas or New Year will pan out. Over the last two years we have been on the COVID19 cycle of lockdowns, and restrictions. We have sung from balconies and made silly videos with our immediate family, we’ve celebrated even when staying apart and we’ve adapted our homes so we could work from home.
We may be still on the rollercoaster but our lives are adapting to each circumstance. However this will stop at some point in the future – that’s not saying Covid19 will go altogether, more so that we will adapt, learn, change and move forward. Every situation that life throws at us teaches us something, lessons that we will remember in years to come and with each situation, good or bad, we grow, we learn and we proceed forward.
Don’t think that this will always be your life, because life is what you make it, we won’t be stuck on the covid rollercoaster for ever, but hold on tight because for now it may be a bumpy ride, but we will get through it and carry on.
Happy Monday and stay safe out there.

As we enter a new week take stock of the week that has just been. Don’t carry last week’s worries and issues into a new week, even if you haven’t closed that chapter, make a note of how you are going to deal with any outstanding tasks. It needn’t be a physical note it could be a mental note, but if you can plan on how to deal with outstanding things they will get done quicker and will be easier to deal with. Use Sundays to take time for yourself, relax, switch off and prepare for a new week.
If you put things off, they will not go away, but they will definitely get bigger and harder to deal with. Mentally they become worse than they actually are
Even if you can’t finish a task as long as you have a plan and a time scale you will keep on top of it. None of us know what tomorrow brings, there will be up’s and downs, but just try to stay focused and don’t let the issues become that blockage that stops you. Make a plan and keep your path ahead clear.
Happy Monday and have a great week.

My quote for Monday is this …
Every day is a fresh start, every day holds new opportunities, new friendships and new beginnings, but we very rarely see it that way. Everything at the moment seems to be rolling into one big fast paced routine and after a while it becomes, boring and really hard work. It would be easy to go to bed dreading the next day and waking feeling as if you have to drag yourself through it.
At this time of year everything Ramps up as we try to juggle everything, it often feels like we don’t actually get anything done that we had planned.
If we could just reset our mindset to close one day before opening another we would be in a much better place to deal with it.
Everybody knows that sleep is good for us, during a good nights sleep our skin repairs itself, our body recharges itself and our mind should clear itself but unfortunately not many of us get a good nights sleep. The dreaded menopause can play havoc with our sleep patterns ( and everything else) financial worries, family problems, children, pets, even the weather can effect how well we sleep.
When you have a new born or toddler it’s important to start a bedtime routine to calm them down to prepare for sleep, but we don’t do it for ourselves. If you try to prepare a bedtime routine, a warm Bath with some lavender oils, warm pjs on the radiator, warm drink ( not alcohol) a heated eye mask and a room that has air flow, so maybe a window slightly open. No phones or tv ad the light stimulates the brain but maybe a book to read it will help you and the more you do it the more it becomes routine snd your body and brain will expect it. All of these things will help you to switch off and relax. Only then can you prepare to sleep and if you think of something for tomorrow, write it down leave it next to the bed, and turn over.
How you view tomorrow impacts on tomorrow, but it is a fresh start and a new day so embrace it. At the end of the day finish it, close it and rest.
Have a wonderful Monday and week ahead. Stay safe and learn to rest.


Good Sunday morning to you all and what a beautiful morning it is. But just because the weather is lovely today doesn’t mean that everyone is feeling that way.
Quote for Monday :
Where are you?
Where have you been?
Where are you going?
Sometimes when life throws us into confusion these are the three questions we should be asking ourselves. Life hasn’t been easy for anyone since Early 2020, it’s churned up buried emotions or new ones that we didn’t know were lying dormant and we don’t always know how best to deal with them. But if you ask yourself these questions you can calm irrational, negative thoughts. Here are my answers.
Where am I?
I’m still here, when others around me have lost their homes, relationships, businesses or lives. I am grateful to still be here.
Where have I been?
I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster that has shown me my own strength and ability to deal with the up’s and many many downs that came with it. I faced dark times that I didn’t think I would get through but one positive step out of hundreds of negative ones every day had brought me to where I am now , and I’m still here .
Where am I going?
My path to my future has changed many many times since I started it. On days when the path seemed blocked I found a way round it, it took longer and it was harder, but I was still moving forward. My initial innocent childhood dreams for my life have long gone, replaced by new ones. I miss my childhood dreams for my future – part of me would still like them to happen. But my dreams now are for my future, my daughters future, and my businesses future, all have wavered in the last 18 months but never changed.
There should always be a dream to look to, to keep you going. If you don’t have dreams and ambitions then you have nothing to head towards and then you stop. Never stop!
Businesses are struggling to recover and Serenity is the same and it would be so easy for the negative emotions to wipe out everything positive that I’ve worked to achieve. If we let those emotions wash everything away, we are left with chaos, and uncertainty, remember the emotions of today will recede, if you panic and let them win your future dreams recede with them. Tomorrow will bring new emotions, some better, some worse and maybe some the same but stand strong because they will pass and they will leave a calmness and a strength that you won through and your still facing forward. The ocean can be a big scary, dangerous place, it can also be a beautiful, tranquil calming place …. It mirrors our minds and our emotions so stay strong and don’t give in because calm tranquility will follow.
Have a happy Monday and a great week because you’re still here.


Happy Sunday morning to you I hope you are well rested.
My quote for Monday, I feel, is one that can effect anyone of us at any time for any reason.
How many times have you started a new week without knowing where the last one went? Or suddenly realised that in 6 weeks time it will be Boxing Day and you haven’t started preparing for Christmas yet. I certainly feel as though I’ve only just put my Christmas tree away from last year!
What do you feel you have achieved this year, I bet you think “ not a lot”. But I think if you look back over the last 12 months you will be surprised at what you have actually done, and let’s face it, just still being here moving forward in a post pandemic and post Brexit world is an achievement in itself.
But what is that achievement doing to our sanity, Our personal life and our well being?
Stress of juggling work and family is immensely hard on our mental health, we may think we are battling on day after day keeping everything going but somewhere inside our brain is telling us to slow down, take a break and look after number 1 … you!
It’s so important that we listen to out body, our feelings and emotions because they cannot, and ultimately, will not be ignored.
We all think of ourselves as strong and invincible but we aren’t, even the strongest breaks eventually if not looked after and maintained accordingly.
Don’t ignore your body’s natural alarm system, if you are feeling drained, emotional, and lethargic they are all signs that you need to stop and recharge yourself
If your not sleeping well, can’t switch off, losing your appetite, they are all signs that you need to refuel your batteries and if your hair, skin and nails are breaking, dull and lifeless it’s signs that you are heading for burn out.
You matter, and if one week you need to delegate jobs to others ( even just doing the school run or after school clubs) then delegate. It won’t hurt you to not be in control all of the time, but it will hurt you if you keep insisting on pushing on when physically and mentally you are struggling.
Life is not a competition, to show how much we can do or what we have, life is fragile and can break at anytime, usually when you least expect it, when your coming out of a particularly busy or stressful situation and think you’ve cracked it.
Don’t let that happen, as we move into the craziest, busiest and most stressful time of year. look after yourself, and look after your well being because Christmas will come and go whether you are ready for it or not.
When someone asks what you want for Christmas just say “ some me time every month, just to switch off and do something for me away from kids, family, work and school commitments because I am important “
Have a wonderful week ahead and ensure to plan in some “ me time” .
Happy Monday xx

Good Sunday morning to you.
My quote for Monday .
As we enter another new week it’s important to enter it with a fresh outlook and not to bring with us last weeks problems.
Every day seems to be the same at the moment, a carousel of work and worry. We have all had hard times over the last 18 months, and I don’t just mean with COVID19, but as individuals finding our way through new situations.
We need to look back to those times to see that we have made it this far. On the days when you didn’t feel able to face the day, or face a certain situation, you did, and you moved on from it too. During times when you didn’t know how to move forward, somehow you found the strength to do it.
By finding our way through each problem we have proved that we can overcome them. Look back only to see how far you have come, even if you are still in the same place, on that carousel, you have overcome everything to still be here. It’s hard, it’s frustrating, and it’s not over yet but we are still going forward and one day will we look back and these hard times will be gone. Nothing is going to happen overnight, nothing in this life is free, we make our own choices and we build our own life. We do it with patience, hard work, and trust in our own ability. We can move forward if we don’t dwell on the past. Try to go into the new week with optimism, a bright new outlook and keep the light ahead of you. Your past will make you stronger and your future will keep you going- just don’t stay where you are.
Have a wonderful week ahead.
Happy Monday.

Good morning. I feel that this is a rather apt quote for Monday seeing as it is currently lashing it down here in Melksham.
With every new day comes new challenges, as much as we plan ahead we cannot foresee what awaits us.
When our plans get tipped on their head it’s hard not to panic, to run away, scream, shout, cry or bury our heads in the sand.
The truth is, circumstances suddenly become out of our control which is uncomfortable, no- one wants to be in that situation. However instead of panicking, or running ….. STOP.
Take time to reevaluate the situation, what ever is happening is going to happen and often we can’t stop it so let it happen. Letting it take control of your emotions will not help you or your well being.
How you deal with the situation will help you take back control quicker and also help you own well being, calm your mind and slow that racing heart. Sit down, take deep breaths, close your eyes and think the situation through logically. It takes courage to stop and sit back when we are thrown of course, but it will help in the long run and you will feel better for it.
Reevaluate, change course, and carry on, on the new path but always in the same, right direction. Know that you will get through whatever life throws at you and if you deal with it correctly it won’t effect your mental health or well being.
Have a happy new week and face the challenges head on. Happy Monday x

Happy Sunday everyone I hope your weekend has been as good as you’ve wanted it to be.
My quote for Monday is all about perspective, how we see things, events and others. Sometimes we only see what we want to see and not the whole picture.
How many times have you heard people saying how friends or family have fallen out over misinterpreted text messages? How we read them isn’t always how they were meant. When events happen in our lives, I believe our immediate response is a negative one of “flight or fight”, and “Why me? ”.
But before we react, maybe we should take time to look at the issue and see it from another’s perspective, because someone else will see it completely differently. Even negative events in our lives can bring about positive solutions and sometimes they may have a better result or impact than we were initially expecting. It’s all about how we perceive things and how we react to them. Take time to digest what has happened or what has been said before reacting. Take some time to calm yourself, count yo 10 or walk away and return back to that event later when you have a clearer mindset, you may well see it from a different point of view. We live in quite an angry world where we seem to live on the defensive, but may be if we just took time to slow down and evaluate things before reacting we could make our lives a lot easier, certainly healthier and definitely happier.
Have a good week everyone and stay safe xxx


Good Sunday morning to you all. How do you like your Sundays?

My Sunday mornings are both relaxing and lazy, no alarm ( apart from Ozzy and Kit the Kat wanting their breakfast) a large mug of English breakfast tea and Smooth radio. I savour this time and look forward to my Sunday mornings all week. It my time to relax, look back at my week and forward to the coming weeks, and it’s my time to contemplate my quote for Monday.

This week my quote for Monday is all about change, like the seasons we change, often without actually realising it. We change to suit our surroundings, at work we can dress for confidence ( a good outfit can hide multiple of insecurities) but at home we relax in our favourite comfy clothes. We change our hair, our make up to suit our current situation, we even change our voice when answering the phone! Change is so important, for both good and bad, we will never stop changing. But if you take time to look back over your life, you can see your progress, it may not have felt like progress at the time but it all led to where we are now. We actually bloom all year so it’s important to acknowledge where we are now and how we got here and appreciate the changes we have made.

Have a blooming week ahead and remember each as everyone of you are amazing ! Happy Monday xx